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RELEASE DATE: 9/2/2005

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St. Paul Artist to host global debut during “Art Crawl”

Coming to a computer near you… Minnesotan launches national debut via web cast.


Internet revolution defines the new music business today; How one local artist is reaching the globe to promote his music, art, and uniquely interactive web presence


ST. Paul, MN – What could have been a local album “release party” has turned into a spectacular global effort over the web. Jazz-Blues-Rock pianist/percussionist Christopher Nielsen has launched an ambitious multimedia project that includes his debut CD, interactive website, and live webcast slotted for the evening of his debut.

The national debut of the Mystic Holiday CD and Christophernielsen.com will be a cutting edge experience for performer and audience. Along with a traditional “release” party and performance, Chris will be simulcasting his “coming out” all over the world via the webcast, . Creative technology tuning makes it possible for guests of the webcast to enjoy the music, the show, the site and follow-up contact with the artist and project, all in one fell swoop.

Unlike most “release parties,” the Mystic Holiday event package is a unique attempt to touch an audience on multiple levels simultaneously, while promoting the artist outside a local market. The physical Mystic Holiday release party will be held during the Art Crawl festivities in Lowertown. The webcast of the live performance produced by www.netbriefings.com will happen October 15 th between 6-8pm (CST) Viewers need simply log in to www.christophernielsen.com and follow the links to the web cast.

The album is a collection of 11 beautiful new age jazz compositions performed with passion and soul. On the web at www.christophernielsen.com, the music is reflected beautifully against of a backdrop of Chris’s multimedia art, photography and poetry in a “virtual world” where listeners can chat, collaborate, play games, and relax.

Translating a new age music album into an online experience meant tapping new technologies and cutting edge software development. "The interactive media worlds that I have been creating as part of my commercial and visual arts work seemed like a natural fit. We need ways to spin our minds in a different direction.

Chris began his career as a drummer and percussionist wining talent contests and scholarships at an early age. He went on to tour and perform with many of the finest regional and National musicians, such as Babby Doo Caston, Mojo Buford, Otis Day, Sanford Moore, Dennis Spears, Reginal Bukner, Connie Evingson, Ginger Comodor, Chris Lomheim, Geoff Jones, Curtis Marlatt, Wayne McFarlane, Adi Yashia, Tom West , JD Steel and others.... Along with jazz artists and blues bands, Chris established himself as one of the Twin Cities best musical theatre percussionists. He played with Mixed Blood Theater Group and Troup America for extended runs of original and national theatrical productions. His credits include a long list of national tours, television programs, recordings, soundtracks and theatrical productions. His work embraces performing, composing and arranging for contributive works, including a Grammy nominated production in 1998 with the Sounds of Blackness (Produced by: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Music direction by: Gary Hines)

Building on years of music and performance production, as well as professional experience in his multi-media production environment, Chris has delivered a cutting edge technology solution to audio-visual delivery of his art.


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CONTACT: Chris Nielsen

PHONE: 401-662.1035

EMAIL: chris@cnpcreative.com

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