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  General Copy #1

Mystic Holiday CD Release Party scheduled for October 15 th, 6-8pm at the French Press Café’ in Downtown St. Paul.

Located in historic Lowertown St. Paul, the heart of St. Paul’s arts community, the French Press is a stylish lounge with an appropriate setting for presenting this passionate musical experience. The event will of course feature a unique live performance by Christopher Nielsen that will include interpretations of the Mystic Holiday collection and create a mood for imagination and reflection. Scheduled as a closing event for the St. Paul Art Crawl October 14 th 6-10pm and October 15 th 2-6pm, the Mystic Holiday release party will be filled with surprises and interesting visual effects. Details can be found on the French Press web site: http://www.fpjazz.com .

This event is not only the launch pad for the distribution and sale of the beautiful music collection presented on the Mystic Holiday CD but is intended to bring attention to the blend of interactive media Chris has weaved to accompany this experience. The Mystic Holiday web space: http://www.mysticholiday.com embellishes the dreamy flavors of imagination and entertains the participant with colorful music video style media scenes. The web space is designed to be a place for a computer user to escape by wandering through a web interface mixed with music, poetry, visual creations, games and humor.

The user can choose the level of engagement with the web space by passively listening and watching a scene or interacting with the “toys” such as drawing tools, simple games and photo galleries. The Mystic Holiday web experience allows users to share and communicate through text and video chat or shared drawing tool overlays.

The web space concept for mysticholiday.com was inspired by the growing popularity of social networks such as Yahoo IM environments and other creative uses of Macromedia’s interactive media authoring and communication tools. It incorporates existing media components with creative visual expressions and soothing music like no other web space. Each of the interactive scenes is filled with visual effects and subliminal images to stimulate your imagination and creativity. The music enhances this experience by setting a tone for reflection and reminiscing. Chris’s fluid poetry and thought blogs can give the audience a starting point for topical thoughts and the web tools or “Toys” can allow the user to express ideas and save them for later exploration. The capabilities of the communication tools position the Mystic Holiday environment as a great meeting place and could quickly start a trend of new web lounges.

A simultaneous webcast of the live performance produced by www.netbriefings.com on October 15 th between 6-8pm (CST) will help bring the two worlds together and allow viewers from around the world to experience the magic and imagination found when they take a “Mystic Holiday”.

General Copy #2

St. Paul artist returns to promote CD in hometown

Saturday October 15 th, Christopher Nielsen returns to St. Paul to celebrate the release of his Mystic Holiday CD and accompanying web based interactive media. Chris Nielsen who has spent most of his life promoting and performing jazz, blues and improvisational music and the Lowertown Neighborhood Arts Community now lives in Assonet Massachusetts where he records music and creates stunning media productions. After 5 years out of the Twin Cities Music Scene he is returning to share his latest work “Mystic Holiday”.

The Mystic Holiday release party will be held at 214 East 4 th Street at the French Press Café. Over the years Chris has a long history with this space. In the late 80’s it was Jason’s Cabaret where he worked with folks like Sanford Moore and Dennis Spears in flamboyant cabaret shows with Vegas style dancers. Through the 90’s Chris’s talent network produced award winning television programs when the space was converted to Cable Access St. Paul and hosted a Television broadcast studio. “When I saw what the owners of the French Press Café had done with the space and given my roots working in Lowertown for so many years this seemed like a natural fit for the release party of Mystic Holiday.”

The Mystic Holiday release events are planned as part of the St. Paul Art Craw. Which is held October 14 th and 15 th. Visit www.artcrawl.org for more information. Chris grew up in the Lowertown Arts Community and has been an active participating artist in the St. Paul Art Crawl since it’s inception. He was even the Media Relations Director for 2 successful events in the Late 90’s. Mystic Holiday installations may be found throughout the event as well as other cameo performances. The finale release party will be October 15 th from 6-8 pm at the French Press Café. For reservations and more information visit: www.fpjazz.com .

The Release party will be web cast to a global audience by www.netbriefings.com and a spectacular web space www.mysticholiday.com will feature multimedia scenes, slideshows, screen saver downloads and many more surprises. All created by Chris Nielsen and set to the Mystic Holiday music collection.

As the event approaches specific details and announcements will be found at either:

www.mysticholiday.com or www.christophernielsen.com . Experience a fantastic presentation of art and music by Christopher Nielsen at the French Press Café on October 15, 6-8pm in historic Lowertown St. Paul or online with the live webcast: http://www.mysticholiday.com


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