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Mystic Holiday is a collection of 11 beautiful new age jazz compositions performed with passion and soul. Christopher Nielsen's 60 minutes of unique musical poetry and fluid improvisation style allow his music to inspire visualization and imagination. These rich compositions are embellished with nature soundscapes and flow from one piano interlude to another seamlessly, setting the tone for timeless thoughts. The Mystic Holiday collection provokes emotion by transcending your mood into a zone of comfort and relaxation while touching on passionate expression.

"I discovered that when I performed these songs, I found a great sense of inner peace. I was able to touch experiences in my life that embodied every emotion and see pictures in my mind from my fondest memories. I wanted to create a music collection filled with natural passion and step back from being the performer to just enjoy the images inspired by listening. My goal was to inspire imagination, daydreaming and reflection in a timeless musical space." "Once I achieved this the interactive media worlds that I have been creating as part of my commercial and visual arts work seemed like a natural fit. I have found that with the fast pace of life it is often hard to relax and connect with your inner self. We often spend many hours in the pace of live and need ways to spin our minds in a different direction. Mystic Holiday was born to help get to this inner place." “I hope you will share similar joy and reflection as you listen and let your imagination wonder.

"Thanks for sharing in these experiences!" CN


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