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Mystic Holiday Credits:

All songs written and performed by: Christopher Nielsen

Mystic Holiday was recorded September 3rd, October 28th and 29th, 2004 at Minnesota Public Radio Studio M.

Session Engineer: Craig Thorson

Mix and Mastering at Gold Post Audio in St. Paul

Mix and Mastering Engineer: Ezra Gold

Sound design and FX by: Christopher Nielsen and Ezra Gold

Print graphic design and layout by: Geoff Jones Photography and image processing by: Christopher Nielsen Special Cameo Appearance by: Angelo Fernandes Nielsen Duplication and Manufacturing by: Noiseland Industries Inc. Interactive media and creative Direction by: Christopher Nielsen

Media Relations: Geoff Jones (Twin Cities, MN) and Joe Andrade (East Coast and National)
Press Kits: Chris Nielsen, Joe Andrade and Geoff Jones
Search Engine Optimization: Bob Williams
Webcast: Special thanks to Gary Anderson and www.netbriefings.com

Special Thanks to: Kevin and Amanda O'Neil with the French Press Cafe www.fpjazz.com
for hosting the release party.

Warmest regards to the St. Paul Art Crawl and the Lowertown artist community for the roots of my inspiration and growth as an artist.

Dedications: I want to dedicate this to my dearest friend and companion Sony. She has brought our Son Angelo to my life and the greatest joy and friendship I have known. I want to thank God for filling my spirit with happiness and my family for filling me with encouragement. I want to thank my close friends who have stuck with me over the years and the many fans and supporters whom bring purpose to my art.

Sharing these creations and interacting with an audience gives great meaning to all of this. You all give so much to these inspirations and I am eternally grateful. CN


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