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Christopher Nielsen began his career as a drummer and percussionist wining talent contests and scholarships at an early age. Inspired by many greats he went on to tour with several of the finest regional and National musicians. In addition to the many great jazz artists and blues bands Chris performed with he established himself as one of the Twin Cities best musical theatre percussionists. After nine years with the Minneapolis based Mixed Blood Theater group he joined Troup America for numerous successful national tours and extended runs of original theatrical productions.

His credits include a long list of national tours, television programs, recordings, soundtracks and theatrical productions. Including performing, composing and arranging for contributive works nominated for a Grammy in 1998 with the Sounds of Blackness.

Over the span of his more than 25 year career as an entertainer, musician and producer he has been an ambitious creator of musical compositions, lyrical songs and multi-media productions. As the leader and primary composer for the “Lowertown Jazz Ensemble” of more than 12 years, he had the privilege to work with many great musicians promoting the art of Jazz in unique incarnations of personnel and instrumentation. It is through this opportunity that much of his improvisational phrasing took form through working as an accompanist for some of the finest jazz pianists on the world.

After more than 10 years of working as a studio musician and composer for commercial video, radio and media soundtrack productions, he began a solo piano career performing community concerts, restaurants, social clubs and working as an accompanist for dance studios. It was when he mixed his passionate live performances with his skills as a producer in the award winning television series “Live from the Neighborhood” that he escalated in popularity. After a brief sabbatical to relocate in the East (Boston Area) to start a family and new chapter in life as an interactive media developer, he is back presenting some great new music and artistic creations that blend flavors of expression from this transition.

Watch and listen for more of Chris's flavorful improvisations and colorful creative expressions as the Mystic Holiday project evolves with new recordings, collaborations and pallets of multi-media.

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